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I’m so excited to reveal my new blog design on WordPress!!! I don’t really know what was putting me off migrating over to WordPress. Blogger was doing just fine but I did find it quite restricting when I had an idea in my mind about a plug in or design element and it seemed WordPress would give me a newfound freedom in that area. So what was holding me back???

  1. Cost – I knew my migration skills would not be fit for purpose and I didn’t want to lose all the content and comments I had built up this year so my only option would be to get someone else to migrate me over to WordPress and this usually comes at a cost. My blog has been gathering some following lately but it’s certainly not making any money so I didn’t really want to commit to such a high expenditure.
  2. What host should I choose to self-host? I don’t know if you have ever googled this but OMG the amount of content out there to read is just so confusing. There are so many viable companies offering WordPress self hosting that it’s difficult to choose. 
  3. What if I lost my content and followers – my fear in number 1 deserves its own position on this list as I really did worry that all my hard work thus far would be for nothing.
  4. I’m really not good at coding so would having more freedom be more difficult to embrace?
  5. As above I’m not that good at the design element so I was worried that I would have to invest more into a design template to stand out from the crowd. Again more money!

I loved the design of my old Baking Backpacker Blog and I especially loved some of the special features including the revolving front page showing my last five posts; the instagram feed in my header, changing as I added new pictures to my social media account and mainly the simplicity of the design.

I finally took the plunge thanks to selfhosted.co after I saw a post on twitter advertising their services. Hailing from Los Angeles they offer help with giving bloggers more control over their blog with a free migration service. They will move all the content including blog posts, pages, content and followers and design your template. You must be thinking what I was thinking – whats the catch?!? I haven’t really found one! Their disclaimer on the website explains how they operate.

“We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.”

I read through all their reviews for self hosting WordPress sites and I did end up going with iPage on their recommendation but to be honest I was really glad for the advice. Having read up on tons of different options I really had no idea! Selfhosted.co offered a reliable review of different hosting companies including iPage and Siteground explaining their pros and cons and helping to breakdown questions such as cost; how much disk space was included; whether a domain name was included; the level of support you receive; the bandwidth available; and the ease of WordPress installation. All in all I was happy that iPage met all of my requirements and so went with them in the end.

Decision made all I had to do was let Savvas at Selfhosted.co know my iPage password and account name and left him to it. I needed to download the content of my Blogger account, which Savvas aided with a simple guide and only minutes to complete. Within only a few days Savvas had a template designed very much in the style of my current blog that I loved so much but stronger colours and a stronger identity. I was able to review the blog and ask for any amendments or changes. There weren’t many to be honest, the only things I fed back to Savvas was regarding some of the migration from my old blog had altered the text size and font but Savvas quickly helped resolve this! A few of the social media links weren’t working either but again Savvas was quick to resolve! All in all from finding Selfhosted.co to having a fully functioning website was about a month but the time taken by Selfhosted.co was a matter of days to set me up and I would thoroughly recommend them! All my above queries and concerns were put to rest easily by Savvas and I trusted my blog in his hands!

If you have any doubts just send them an email as they are extremely helpful. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. July 13, 2017 / 5:47 pm

    We were always self hosted so we never had to take the plunge. but it’s always good to read stories from other bloggers! xx corinne

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