Time for Cake Club – An English Garden Party!

We were tempting fate organising a cake club meeting outdoors in the English summer but the weather for once was glorious and is how our summer days should always be! Five of us met in the spectacular venue of my back garden!! Perhaps not as regal as a garden party at Buckingham palace but we had our china teacups and saucers, a jug of freshly made Pimms and some fantastic Clandestine Cake Club bunting hung between two washing lines!
I was abit worried about my cake as it was the first time I had made a cake without any trials before! It’s the way forward as it turned out great! I took a summer recipe from Jamie’s Magazine July edition influenced by Pimms and strawberries. It was a layered cake with egg yolk sponges, crispy but chewy meringue, macerated strawberries that oozed Pimms and a combination of double cream, vanilla pod and greek yoghurt – double stacked and in a heart shape to share the love around!
Everyone brought a slice of summer along for us to taste! First up was Sarahs rose cake – a beautifully decorated sponge cake filled with rosewater flavoured buttercream and beautifully decorated with buttercream roses – a perfectly balanced cake with a heavenly scent! 
Next up was Ana. She always tries a new recipe for every cake club and this one was divine. A combination of salted caramel, pecan, peaches and a hint of summer! Already got the recipe from Ana from this one to try!!
Mine was up next and if I do say so myself it was scrumptious!!! 

Gemma’s spectacular Victoria Sponge cake was inch perfect with a nice layer of fresh cream (the group definitely voted for cream fillings in their Vicky sponge!!). And how she had the patience to add all those chopped nuts around the edges I’ll never know. All topped off with fresh summer fruit.

Last, but by no means least, was newcomer Petra’s beautiful torte. This consisted of inch perfect layers of blueberries soaked in red wine to intensify their flavour, a thin shortcrust pastry base, sponge and cream. All topped with fresh flowers and blueberries and again a painstaking collar of flaked almonds. If you ever want some inspiration for your next bake check out Petra’s website. Its got an amazing search engine so pop in your key ingredient and inspiration will appear!!

I truly enjoyed every single cake and didnt go home empty handed. In fact my nieces were around that same evening to tuck into the leftovers!! Great weather, great company and most importantly great cakes!! Come along and join us next time on September 19th!

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