The welcome return of the Great British Bake Off!

Feels like I’ve been waiting forever but finally summer can start with the return of the Great British Bake Off on BBC2 at 8pm on Tuesdays! No…..I quickly add…..I’m not a contestant in this years series (as much as I’d like to be!!) but unfortunately my eagerly awaited holiday to Machu Picchu and Peru got in the way – next year maybe. This years series features a Bakers Dozen of contestants with the added twist that Mary and Paul can eliminate two in any week of their choosing!! Oooooh the tension!

I was out on the first Tuesday for my friend’s birthday celebrations but have now crossed out Tuesday nights for the foreseeable future so I can watch it at 8 pm! Week one was cake week – my favourite week and as expected it certainly highlighted some of my early favourites! So they had three challenges. The signature bake; the technical bake and finally the showstopper! The signature bake was simply a perfect sandwich cake – a staple for any avid baker! First tears of the series went to poor Ruby whose lush sounding rhubarb and custard cake didn’t quite work out!

The technical bake was a Mary Berry classic of Angel Cake with a lemon and passion fruit curd. Ill be attempting this at home (although not under the strict GBBO conditions with half a recipe!). Eventual leaver Toby struggled on this round when he mistakenly used salt instead of sugar (there’s always one!). Space satellite designer and Star Baker Rob won this round which stood him in good stead for winning his Star Baker Accolade. He is definitely one of my early favs and the other is Glenn. He seems such a bubbly character and I hope he stays right through until the end! I also think there’s a few girlies in line for the final – Frances seems to be really creative but she could come a cropper of this if she pushes herself so much there’ll be a level of expectation attached! I also think Lucy will go far as she seems to think outside of the box where flavours are concerned but again could fail on one foul taste! Think shrimp and strawberry from Celebrity Masterchef – you either love it or hate it!!!


Finally the show stopper – a chocolate extravaganza! Frances designed a cake in which the GBBO squirrel was embedded into the cake which went down well and I really liked the elegant design of Rob’s chocolate and raspberry one! Howard’s bear got rave reviews too! A few tried to achieve too much and therefore achieved very little! I think Ali was lucky that Toby had had three poor rounds otherwise I think he would have gone! Needs a strong bread week to stay in the tent!


You can normally get an idea at which cakes were the best by which the BBC websites chooses to publish so if you want to give any of these a try let me know how you get on!


Howards Gluten Free Passion Fruit Cake
France’s Squirrel Cake
Rob’s chocolate raspberry cake
Beca’s Grapefruit sandwich cake


Roll on tonight’s episode – it’s Paul’s forte – BREAD WEEK!!! My prediction????
Based on last weeks performances I would say Ali but its hard to judge them on one weeks show!


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