The return of GBBO and its Kate Week!!!

Only kidding! Mel’s first on screen appearance was rattling off all the Kate’s she has prepared for the first week only to be brought back to reality by Sue. It is of course Cake Week first!

One white domed tent. 12 of Britains best amateur bakers. 30 challenges. Simple concept and simplicity was the theme for the first week as Mary and Paul took the new crop of bakers back to basics! First up we started as always with the Signature bake and this time it was Hollywoods favourite….the classic drizzle cake. This is one of my absolute favourites and I wouldn’t use any recipe other than Mary Berrys tray bake. I’ve amended this recipe to make a mojito drizzle cake that I took to Clandestive Cake Club early this year that I’ll post soon! The signature bake was a Mary Berry Jaffa Cake and the showstopper was a mirror glaze cake. Last weeks episode did finally answer that life long question of whether or not the jaffa cake is a cake or not! Is it a cake or is it a biscuit!! Well GBBO says it’s a cake so that’s final!!
It’s always difficult to get to know all the bakers early on with each afforded very little screen time in those first few shows. An one hour show to review 36 bakes is less than two minutes per person per bake so mission impossible really! That’s why I always feel sorry for those early leavers as the audience never really gets to know them. My early favourite is definately Selasi – he is just too cool for the kitchen – a true steady Eddie!! Baking for Mary and Paul would Truly petrify me yet he seems to take it all in his stride! Twice he forgot to add a key ingredient – the cinnamon in his citrus and spice drizzle cake and the vanilla seeds in his genoise sponge. Neither one even dented his calmness. Will be interesting to see how he is when some of the challenges get more complex.
Unfortunately I think Lee was the right person to go. He was second from bottom in the technical challenge of jaffa cakes (my favourite and a recipe I will be trying!!); his St Clements orange and lemon drizzle cake had separated early in the challenge which prevented it rising well and gave it a poor texture; and his chocolate mirror glaze cake was quite dry. Twinkle toes Val was very lucky to not be rock bottom of the list following her 10th place finish in the technical after trimming her jaffa cakes, only drizzling the top half of her cake and using too much icing in the signature and then being one of five bakers (FIVE bakers) who had to restart their genoise in the final showstopper. But she aint half entertaining with her dancing whilst baking and listening to her cakes to tell her when they are done – this is classic bake off!!! And how I like to bake!

Jane was announced Star Baker for the week which I was a little disappointed for Selasi. She did do really well with her lemon and poppy seed drizzle cake, even after having to redo it and then had one of the best mirror glazes but came 7th in the technical compared to Selasi’s great Signature and Showstopper, although having opted for the fruit glaze his didnt quite have the correct sheen. He did come top of the jaffa cake challange though so overall I felt he deserved the Star Baker accolade – hopefully he will get it next week.

So on to Predictions!! Next week is biscuit week ( ive been baking biscotti in preparation) and it looks like iced cookies, gingerbread constructions and viennese whirls are on the books. I’m thinking this will suit Selasi’s steady approach so I think him or maybe Andrew’s aerospace engineering will come in handy for Star Baker. As for the bottom I’m thinking it may be Val or Candice who goes. I like Candice but she’s quite hard on her herself sometimes and there is no place for stress in the kitchen or things will continue to mess up! But what do I know!!!


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