The Little Mermaid Cakes

With four nieces all aged under 7 it was an inevitability that I would need to produce a Disney princess cake! Now the one that immediately came to mind was the Little Mermaid and all the intricate detail I could add to the cake and the cake board to truly reflect this Disney character. Little did I know that the cake would be such a success that I would have made three in little over a year!!

Each mermaid cake varied as I learnt from its predecessor and with each one I feel I have shown the progression I’m making in my cake decorating skills! All three cakes are simple vanilla sponge cakes layered with strawberry jam covered in a layer of buttercream and a layer of sugarpaste icing.

This first attempt was covered in a white sugarpaste. I then used light muscovado sugar to represent the sand and blue royal icing pipped in a waves pattern to represent the sea. I used the same blue royal icing to pipe around the base of the cake to tidy any imperfections. Also adorning the main cake were three pink/purple sugarpaste seahorses cut free hand using a child’s toy for a stencil! The doll was covered in pale blue sugarpaste scales cut using a rose leaf cutter and layered on the dolls legs to form a tail. This was then dusted with pink petal dust to add a shimmery appearance. The cake board had a smaller sponge cake which was covered in sugarpaste and then painted with diluted brown colouring paste. I used black to paint on the wood grains. This was the treasure chest. The cake board itself was decorated with gold coins, stuck to the board using royal icing, along with jelly rings and sweet necklaces. The entire cake was then sprayed with a pearlescent spray to add to the entire effect of shimmery water and glistening treasure.


For my second mermaid cake I opted for a two tiered cake, each cake consisting of two vanilla sponges sandwiched together with strawberry jam. This time I created a swirled effect using blue sugarpaste icing to represent the sea and covered both tiers with this. Using edible glue and Dr Oetker’s sugar crunch in blue/green I added a layer of the sugar crunch to the lower part of the cake to represent sea pebbles. Again I used light muscovado sugar to represent sand but this time added it using a layer of buttercream on the cake board. I finished the cake by adding some small jelly sweets of buckets and spades and also added a sugar paste seahorse. The doll and sugarpaste scales were done as in the first cake and I again utilised the pearlescent spray!

Having seen the mermaid cakes I had previously created for my nieces a friend of my sister asked me to replicate one for her daughters. I reverted back to the shape of my first cake, a rectangular three layered vanilla cake. I used the blue swirled sugarpaste effect again to cover the cake but used the light muscovado sugar to line the cake board I then added the treasure as I did in my first cake. As with both previous cakes I sprayed the entire cake with pearlescent spray and the mermaids tail was created using purple sugarpaste and purple glitter dust. To add a new dimension to this cake I added hand crafted sugarpaste seashells which were created using these handy hints – How to make Fondant Seashells



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