Thank god it’s Summer – Hello GBBO!!!

It’s 30 new challenges, 12 new baking contestants, two judges and two hilariously suggestive presenters! Mel and Sue started off the new series limbering up for a baking marathon! Get your running shoes on!

First up its Cake Week! If I’m honest I think the first week eased the new contestants in  with a Madeira cake signature bake, a coffee cake technical challenge and a Black Forest gateau showstopper! But sometimes the simple bakes are the easiest to mess up!!

Even with the simple themes some contestants really upped their game from the start! My early favourites are Tamal and Alvin! SPOILER ALERT if you haven’t seen last week’s look away now (what have you been doing!!??). It was the turn of arty Stu to leave but I think it was pretty inevitable! It was a near miss from Dorret with her mousse cake that didn’t set in time! Note to self if I ever apply avoid mousse cakes unless you can guarantee they will set. Thus we saw the first tears of the show – been there! Baking can be really emotional especially when it all goes wrong! So many of my big celebration cakes have had a few tears shed when things weren’t looking so good but they all came through for me!

The good news was the crowning of Marie as the first star baker! I personally would have given it to Tamal! His pistachio and rose Madeira cake, with rosewater syrup injected into the cake as a drizzle looked amazing, especially with his crafted Apple flowers. A top four finish at the gingham alter for the technical and a showstopper with an amazingly decorated tempered chocolate collar. Marie had a really strong run too, focusing on doing traditional recipes amazingly well so I’m sure she will go far in the competition.
Can’t wait to tune in tonight!!


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