Sweetie Cake Heaven

If I’m to be completely honest this cake saved the day from what looked to be a baking disaster!! I’d taken my trustworthy Primrose Bakery Vanilla cake recipe that I had baked many a time before and multiplied it to make a thicker cake that would form the base of my princess swimming cake for my niece’s Eighth Birthday – a swimming pool party!! However, after 90 minutes of baking the cake still felt uncooked when I inserted a skewer! I put it back in for ten minutes at which point I had to concede defeat before the remainder burnt! Gone was any chance of cooking another cake as it was almost close to midnight the night before the party – I would have to pull something spectacular out of the bag…or shall I say out of the oven…..tomorrow!

I was able to salvage part of my cake by trimming off the top and the rest of the cake was baked well. I rustled up a second layer and then sought inspiration for decoration. I had seen some cakes decorated with sweets, Willy Wonka towering sculptures with all kinds of sweets from days gone by. So I took myself down to Truly Scrumptious, in Eastbourne Arndale and purchased over £11 of pick ‘n’ mix with colourful sugared laces, foam bananas, jelly beans, love hearts, jelly babies, rock candy, chocolate ice cream cones, coconut mushrooms, liquorice all sorts, smarties, jelly fried eggs and many many more!

Having made up a Nutella chocolate buttercream to sandwich the two layers of cake I coated the sides of cake with the same buttercream adding two and a half boxes of chocolate orange matchmakers, securing them with a polka dot cream ribbon. Then came the fun part adding sweet after sweet into the bowl created by the matchmakers – the colours just popped off the cake like something from every child’s fantasy! Willy Wonka eat your heart out!
So alls well ends well and what started out as an irrecoverable disaster turned out to be a pretty awesome cake 🙂


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