One Night in Bangkok and the World’s Your Oyster!

Finally the travel part of my blog can begin!! If there is one thing I love more than baking it’s travelling and with two huge trips planned to Thailand and China this year is gonna be a good one! And to kickstart the travelling I began with one night in Bangkok! We’ll technically three nights in Bangkok but since I’ve had that Murray Head classic going round and round in my head since booking this trip I had to include it!
Planning for Thailand began months ago with a New Years Eve meal with friends! Being spontaneous we finished 2013 having booked four plane tickets to Thailand for three weeks in May – blanks to be filled in! I still can’t believe how quickly May 11th came around and we were drinking champagne on the train to Lndon Gatwick. Emirates flight to Bangkok with a quick stop over in Dubai for some frozen coconut yoghurt and we were there! One of the best feelings in the world is when you step off that plane into a hot country and you feel that wave of heat hit you followed by the hint of endless opportunities ahead of you for three entire weeks! No early morning wake up calls, no bus commutes for three hours a day and not one single meeting for three whole weeks. That alone sounds like heaven but then you throw in the sun, the food, the snorkeling, the sightseeing and the relaxing! No wonder I wish I was always on holiday!
So to the itinerary. Bangkok – Kanchanaburi and the Bridge over the River Kwai – quick trip over to Cambodia and Angkor Wat – Bangkok – Koh Samui – Angthong National Park – Koh Phangnan – Koh Tao – Bangkok! What a three weeks!!!
To truly kickstart the holiday in Baking backpacker style it began with one night in Bangkok in the infamous Khao San Road with some Pad Thai and cocktails!

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