Mrs Baking Backpacker!!!

A little over three months ago I had the most amazing wedding day, down to the very minute detail excruciatingly planned for months leading up to the first of June! Despite being a summer wedding Mr Sunshine failed to make an appearance but it stayed dry for our photographer Mona Ali to take the most precious photographs for us to remember the day by. And then it was gone in a flash after all those months of planning! And so on to the honeymoon! A month to be spent travelling far and wide across Australia, seeing more of their country than most locals we met! The itinerary was tight and took almost as much planning as the wedding itself. Not kidding! Departing the day after the wedding and returning on July 1st we had four weeks to try and fit in the entire country, coast to coast!

Faced with the choice of visiting less places to have more time in each we of course decided to see as many places as humanly possible! So to the intinerary….we started in Western Australia, the mighty WA, with two nights in Fremantle to relax after the bedlam of the wedding. This was followed by a quick two and a half hours flight to Alice Springs in the Red Centre for five nights, two of which were spent camping under the stars in swags. A three day road trip followed driving from the centre to the Northern port and tropical location of Darwin. Two nights in Darwin, enjoying the South East Asian influences in the food and taking a death defying dive with the local Saltwater crocodiles then we flew East towards the Great Barrier Reef and Cairns. We had a few nights in Cairns, Townsville, Magnetic Island and Airlie Beach, with a three night Catamaran cruise around the Whitsundays. Then onto the final two city break destinations of Sydney and Melbourne, for yet more amazing food, an overnight safari in Taronga Zoo and England versus Australia in the last test match of the rugby.

Stay tuned to read more about our wild and wonderful travels across Oz!!


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