Marie Curie’s Blooming Great Tea Party

In last week’s blog post I was reminiscing about an amazing afternoon tea I had at the Langham Hotel to celebrate my hen do. I love going for afternoon tea with the girls as it’s a great way to catch up and relax, and who doesn’t like eating cake!! So when I heard about Marie Curie’s upcoming fundraising campaign I had to tell you all about it as its right up my street.

The Blooming Great Tea Party of 2017 will be run on June 23rd to 25th to raise money for the charity (but you can host your own anytime). Marie Curie is the leading charity providing care to people with any terminal illness in their own homes or in one of the charity’s nine hospices. All services provided by them are free to patients and their family, supporting both at what must be a terrible time. But to do so they need our help! For every £1 we raise, they spend 70p directly on helping people with terminal illnesses. Ways in which they do this include providing nursing and hospice care, research into better ways of caring for people and work to improve care and support across the UK. It may sound cliche but every £1 really does help!

For the event itself head to the website and you can sign up to receive a free fundraising pack. The pack contains balloons, bunting, a money box to collect your fundraising and posters/invites; everything you need to host a great tea party. It also includes a code so that people can donate via text. You’ll even be sent hints and tips, plus great recipes to help plan your tea party. You can host a tea party for friends, for work colleagues or in your community, it’s all down to you.

Have a think about anything extra you can do at your tea party to raise some extra dough (pardon the pun!!). Host a raffle, organise a baking competition or even have an egg and spoon race in your back garden – it all goes towards a great cause!

To cover the cost of their 2,100 nurses and all the care they provide Marie Curie has to raise £5,500 every hour. Sounds like such a massive amount of money that I can’t wait to help just a little. To show where your fundraising goes here are just a few things that the money is put towards:

  • £20 pays for one hour of nursing care for someone living with a terminal illness in their own home.
  • £70 pays for two slide sheets, essential equipment for the nurses to move someone in their own home. 
  • £180 pays for a nurse to work a full nine-hour shift overnight in someone’s home. 

So what are you waiting for – head over to the Marie Curie website and sign up for your fundraising kit. It should be with you within a week meanwhile you can start planning on the great goodies you will be baking. I’ll be planning mine over the next few weeks but here is a recipe to kickstart your planning. This recipe is for a lemon mascarpone Swiss roll. This will make a fab centrepiece for any tea party and lemon is a great summery flavour. Hopefully the sun will be shining for your tea party. 

For the Swiss Roll 
75g Caster Sugar (extra for rolling) 
75g Self Raising Flour (double sifted) 
3 Large Eggs 
Zest of one lemon 

For the Lemon Curd 
Zest of 5 lemons 
Juice of 6 lemons 
115g Unsalted Butter (cubed) 
450g Caster Sugar 
4 Large Eggs 

For the Lemon Mascarpone Cream 
150g Mascarpone Cream 
150g Double Cream 
Zest and juice of 1 Lemon 
20g Caster Sugar 

Icing Sugar for decoration.

For the Lemon Curd 

  1. Heat all the ingredients except the eggs in a saucepan over a low/medium heat until the butter has melted and all the sugar has dissolved. 
  2. Take off the heat. 
  3. Meanwhile lightly whisk the eggs in a large bowl. 
  4. Add the ingredients from the saucepan into the eggs slowly whisking all the time until both are fully incorporated. 
  5. Return to the heat and continue to whisk for approximately five minutes.
  6. The mixture will begin to bubble and then thicken.
  7. Once the mixture has thickened remove from the heat and decant into a separate bowl or sterilised jars to cool. 
  8. Cool at room temperature and then store in the refrigerator. 

You can make the lemon curd in advance and there will be plenty spare! 

For the Swiss Roll 

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C fan assisted.
  2. Grease and line a Swiss roll tin.
  3. Beat the eggs using an electric whisk over a pan of hot water for two minutes.
  4. Add sugar and the lemon zest to the egg mixture and continue to whisk for a further six minutes. The mixture will appear light, thick in consistency and will have over doubled in volume. If you have a KitchenAid and want to use that instead of the bain marie mix on high for five minutes altogether.
  5. Slowly incorporate the flour into the mixture by folding in the flour using a metal spoon.
  6. Once fully incorporated pour into the lined Swiss roll tin and smooth the mixture using a palette knife.
  7. Bake in the oven, towards the top, for 8 minutes then turn and cake around and bake for a further 2 minutes.
  8. Take the cake out of the oven and turn onto a piece of greaseproof paper lined with caster sugar. Cut a line one inch from the edge but don’t cut all the way through the cake. 
  9. To better enable the Swiss roll to keep its shape roll once warm and allow to cool 

For the Lemon Mascarpone Cream
Soften mascarpone cream before combing with all the other ingredients. Whisk using an electric whisk until thickened

Construction of Swiss Roll 

  1. To construct the lemon swiss roll unroll it once cooled down.
  2. Add a layer of lemon curd. It will be tempting to add lots as it will smell amazing but just a thin layer will do or it will spill out when you roll. 
  3. Then with a palette knife add the lemon mascarpone cream. The quantity should cover the entire base of the Swiss roll. 
  4. Now its time to roll. 
  5. Sieve icing sugar over the top or you can drizzle melted chocolate for the chocoholics!
  6. Once rolled to tidy up the Swiss Roll I would recommend cutting off both ends – as an added bonus you can eat these bits!! 

Watch this space for some more recipes to inspire your tea parties and don’t forget to come back and post your photos! Be great to see what you all get up to. If you are on social media tag me on @icklejo82 and also don’t forget to tag @mariecurieuk.



  1. May 22, 2017 / 8:04 pm

    These cakes look delicious and amazing! OMG, I am getting so hungry! We are also writing a post for Marie Curie's tea party with few recipes; I am defo going to try yours out! xx corinne

  2. May 22, 2017 / 8:04 pm

    This is an absolutely beautiful cause and what a great way to raise money for it! We hope we can do this ourselves very soon!

    Jessica & James |

  3. May 28, 2017 / 10:07 pm

    Well done you for supporting such a fantastic cause, it's great to see bloggers raising awareness for charities in this way! Your Swiss roll looks amazing, it's so perfectly rolled, I'm so impressed! I have only ever tried Swiss rolls with jam in the middle, so this looks like a tempting alternative!

    Abbey ????

  4. May 28, 2017 / 10:14 pm

    Much practice in rolling was undertaken before this shot!! I cooked it for a channel four tv show and so must have cooked tens of the things!!
    Great excuse to throw a Tea Party!!! Eating cake for charity – can't refuse!

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