Join The Cake Revolution – Clandestine Cake Club

So the first rule about cake club is you dont talk about cake club! Well you don’t talk about where the venue is as this is one part of the clandestine nature of the club. There are aren’t many rules to abide by except NO brownies, cupcakes, muffins, pies or tarts. That’s pretty much it! The Clandestine Cake Club was founded back in December 2010 by Lynn Hill, born in Leeds and now expanded into 194 clubs worldwide now. Clubs exist across the UK and we now have groups in far flung exotic places including Lake Ontario, Melbourne, Grand Cayman, Auckland, Chennai and Okinwa. One day im hoping to book myself into one of those!

We even have a mission statement – Bake Cake, Talk Cake, Eat Cake! And that is as simple as it gets really. Anyone can join and no one is judged. Each meeting has an assigned theme to get those creative juices flowing and then a secret venue is booked at a set time and date. Closer to the event time attendees get to find out where the meeting is and get baking! Some events have been held in some amazing locations like a canal boat or art museum.

I currently run the Brighton and Hove Clandestine Cake Club and our most recent events have been Guilt Free Cakes and Harvest Festival. The themes are always up for individual interpretation and are part of the fun! It gives you the opportunity to try something new or wild and no one will judge you if it doesnt rise!
Join us now and book a spot at October’s Cake Club Meeting – A Secret Vegetable Garden.

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