Happy Easter from Candy Planet!

Good Friday brought with it a nice chocolatey surprise from the other half but not just an Easter Egg shaped one as per previous years (although of course I did still get my Lindt Easter Egg!!). This time I got a surprise box of chocolates. An International Chocolate Bar Hamper from CandyPlanet. They sell a wide variety of selection boxes featuring any of your favourites but this was picked for my love of travel, a taste of chocolate bars from across the globe, in its own box featuring a map of the world. 

I’d not heard of all the different chocolate bars so a quick look on the wrappers identified their country of origin.

  1. Hailing from New Zealand is the Chocolate Fish, a strawberry flavoured marshmallow dipped in dark chocolate and shaped unsurprisingly like a fish. This was one of my favourites. 
  2. In its neighbouring country Australia the Cherry Ripe is the country’s oldest chocolate bar. Reminiscent of a bounty with a hint of cherry this super sweet chocolate bar is a popular choice down under. 
  3. The American Baby Ruth is a bar of chocolate nought, peanuts and caramel that tasted like a cross between a Snickers and a Mars Bar and was yummy although would have preferred a full size bar! It always reminds me of a YouTube video of baby Ruth in the bath tub! 
  4. The quintessential English chocolate bar is represented by the Dairy Milk, a classic. 
  5. From South Africa comes the Peppermint Crisp, the one I looked forward to the most but the one that disappointed me the most. It consists of mint cracknel tubes covered in a milk chocolate but felt neither crunchy or that minty. I was expecting a mint crunchy but it was kind of chewy.
  6. The’s a KitKat with a difference from Japan with a white chocolate matcha green tea version of a classic. I think ill stick to the classic though as the green tea taste lingered and wasn’t really to my taste.
  7. Another peanut candy bar hails from the Ukraine and is called Candy Nut which has caramel with peanuts inside.
  8. The Butterfinger derives from the USA consisting of a crispy core of creamy peanut butter blended with sugar candy in chocolate.
  9. There is a Vetrasputns from Latvia , which is a creamy vanilla fudge coated in chocolate that melts in you mouth but doesn’t have the consistency of fudge. 
  10. The Griliazas from Lithuania is Peanut brittle with a dark cocoa covering. 
  11. Another sweet from Lithuania is the Kregzdute. Dipped sweets with cocoa and a unique creamy centre. 
  12. Lastly a 3 Musketeers, again from the USA, this is a candy bar made in the United States and Canada by Mars, Incorporated. It is a chocolate-covered fluffy whipped chocolate bar, bit like a Milky Way. 

Not all the chocolates were to my liking but it still made an awesome sampling box and interesting to see the different styles across countries. Makes for a great gift too and probably cheaper than trying to buy the chocolates independently. Was quite peanut heavy too so not one for those with allergies but would have loved to see a Hersheys Bar in there or even a Reese’s peanut butter cup.



  1. April 23, 2017 / 7:09 pm

    This sounds so delicious! I'm envious!

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