Great Wall of China – The Trek of a Lifetime!!

Two years yesterday I took a flight to take on the challenge of a lifetime, one that I had always wanted to do….trek the Great Wall of China. 
I mean come on its on everyones bucket list isn’t it??? My challenge actually began some 18 months prior to that date at Heathrow airport as I decided to complete this trek as part of a Charity Challenge. I know sometimes these charity organisations attract some negative feedback because you get your travel paid for as part of your fundraising but the way I looked at it I was still fundraising as much money as I could raise therefore my chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation, gained an incredible amount of money for my effort. 
I raised most of my money through making cakes for birthdays and other events, plus held numerous bake sales, all of which I paid for out of my own pocket and every single penny raised went to my fundraising efforts on top of the deposits I paid. 
If I did it again I would love to contribute more myself so that more of the money raised went straight to the charity but I have the luxury of being able to do that. Not everyone does and so I think its important for these charity challenges to be accessible for all. 
For 18 months fundraising was my priority!! I was as organised as ever with monthly targets, spreadsheets and a planning book always to hand to record any genius ideas I had. I was lucky enough to have signed up to the charity trek with my friend so had someone to go through the process with me. 
I remember the Christmas Fayre where I only sold a few Christmas decorations that I had painstakingly sewn for weeks prior! Or the cake sale where no-one bought any cakes and all the organisers and my family ended up buying all the cakes!!! I swear anyone who knew me ate a lot of cake during that period!! I did lots of celebration cakes too where I asked for a donation to be made to cover the ingredients and my time which include a three tiered wedding cake. I did some pretty random things too including a roly poly on youtube for some sponsors!! 
Slowly but surely my total bar on my virgin money giving website crept up until finally on July 22nd 2014 I made my target of £2775!! And more as I still had six weeks to go and I managed over £3000 in the end!!
Im going to post a few more posts about my time trekking, and the following two weeks where I explored China further, including a video I made from my go pro footage – hopefully I can convince just one other person to take up a challenge of a lifetime! 
At the moment you can pretty much go anywhere in the world with Charity Challenge – you can trek, swim, cycle, mountain hike, kayak or take a horse ride across Nepal, Iceland, Vietnam, Brazil, India, Cuba, Ethiopia, Ecuador…..the list is truly endless! And the team at Charity Challenge will be there to support you throughout and give you help with fundraising tips – have a look on their website for ideas (Fundraising Tips) but one of the best things you will get from this experience is some life long friends!!


  1. April 28, 2017 / 1:02 pm

    It was an amazing one in a lifetime experience which I would thoroughly recommend to anyone!!

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