GBBO – Week Two and its Bread Time

On your marks, get set, Bake!

Magical words from Mel and Sue! But bread week, should I ever actually apply for GBBO, would be my weakness and its always towards the beginning of the competition! The signature bake was 36 identical breadsticks; technical bake was Mr Hollywood’s English muffins and finally the showstopper was a decorative shaped bread! Last week I thought Ali may be at risk for leaving this week but he showed me and had quite a good week, especially his sweet and savoury yin and yang cake – apart from almost not being able to tell which side of the circle was which!!
I also predicted good things for Lucy…….which won’t happen now she has left the competition! So we have now determined I don’t have any future career prospects in fortune telling! I did think Lucy deserved to go this week just from her tomato bread shaped like a tomato as in the time allotted others tried to achieve so much more! But its a shame we didn’t get to see more from her as I think she could have gone far!
My favourites still remain Glenn and Rob although both scared me slightly this week. I did admire Robs enthusiasm and creativity for his Paul the German football score predicting octopus shaped bread but not so sure he would choose that again in a hurry! If the bread’s too big for the oven you may need to have a rethink!
Ruby deserved her star baker although I think Kimberley had a good shout too. Both their showstopper shaped breads looked amazing! Not sure ill be trying any of them in a hurry as seemed a lot of effort but I think I would give those English muffins a go – just need to find one of those oven top baking sheets! 
Dare I make any Week 3 predictions??? So this week is Dessert Week which we know will include petit fours (although I do agree slightly with Glenn – what’s the point in small cakes!!) Well Glenn – one good thing about them is you can eat more and not feel so guilty as they’re only small aren’t they!?! There’s also supposed to be trifles and floating islands! Sounds fun!
Ok I’ll be brave. I think Rob will have a good week this week as small petit fours will require precision and I think he has shown an ability in this area. Think Frances should also do well in this weeks challenges. As for those who may be in the bottom few this week – hate picking people out! Maybe Mark or Deborah as both been fairly subdued over the first two weeks, not attracting much attention and from the list of challenges this week I reckon there will be lots of boiling points where catastrophes could happen! But luckily for Mark and Deborah I’m rubbish at predictions so they are probably in line for Star Baker now!
Fancy having a go at any of the GBBO Bread recipes then here are all the relevant links!
Ruby’s White Chocolate and Orange Peacock Bread
Ali’s Italian Grissini
Rob’s Twisty Rye Breadsticks

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  1. September 3, 2013 / 8:12 pm

    WAHEY!!!! My future as a fortune teller may still be possible! Sadly for Mark and Deborah who both went in a shock double elimination! My fav Glenn came so close to star baker too

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