GBBO – Week Three – Stressed Time……I mean Desserts!!

One of my favourite sayings is that – stressed backwards is desserts therefore when stressed eat pudding! My motto for life in one mouthful!

Week three was exciting stuff including a first for Bake Off – a burglar as Deborah “accidentally” used Howard’s custard in the signature trifle bake! Howard’s custard did look better so I don’t blame her although I really liked her Swiss roll version of the trifle but did think Deborah would struggle to come back from that! I also liked Star Baker Christine’s Piña Colada trifle – a must try soon one!
Last week I made the prediction that either Mark or Deborah would be the one to go and I was right (kind of) as Mary and Paul used their double elimination card and we said goodbye to both of them (as I predicted without knowing it!!) My predictions for star baker with Rob or Frances weren’t entirely accurate with Christine coming out tops but she really deserved it with three great rounds. The technical ale was Ile Flottante – poached meringue in custard essentially. Looked extremely technical! Finally my favourite came up the ranks with first place for Glenn’s second attempt!  
Lastly the showstopper round asked for twenty four perfect petit fours! 12 biscuit based and 12 cake based! Wish I could have sampled a few – loved Becas mini blueberry macarons as toppers for her limoncello cakes, and Kimberly’s lemon bergamot biscuits. And Christine’s sachertorte parcels and brandy snap cornettos!
This weeks predictions then! It’s getting tougher to make a judgment call as the standard is high this year! Star baker this week I think it will be Kimberley’s week as she has been almost there most weeks. The bake this week is Pie and tart week – my favourite (think I said that about cake week too!!) As for the baker to leave us……I’m going for Howard this week!

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