GBBO – It’s Quarter Final time

Ok….if I’m honest bake off just wasn’t as enjoyable last week without Glenn. He lightened up the whole atmosphere in the tent. Everything definately took a more serious note with only five ladies remaining. This week it was unfortunately the lovely Christine’s time to go leaving Frances, Kimberly, Beca and Ruby to carry on into the Semi Final. Now that Glenn’s gone I really don’t have a preference. I think I’d really like Beca to make the final as she’s entertained throughout. Ruby is probably most deserving with all her star baker accolades but I wish she would stop being so negative all the time about her baking!! Frances deserves a break as her artistic flair has shone throughout and no theme is better to showcase that than tonight’s French themed semi final. I also think Kimberly’s earned her place with consistently good bakes week after week. So it’s really anyone’s game to win – tis a national dilemma! Do I watch the semi final or do I watch England try and beat Poland for World Cup qualification!???? I’m deeply torn 🙂


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