Forever Living C9 – Part 2

Having not been sure whether or not to blog about my recent Forever Living C9 I have now written too much for one blog so have had to divide it into two parts! To see part one click here – Forever Living C9 – Part 1 otherwise here is day five and beyond!

Day 5

Getting up today was difficult – maybe I’m overdoing all the exercise a little bit! I was so comfy this morning that I snoozed for about 50 minutes. I still feel energetic but my body feels weary so wasn’t sure how I’d cope with boxercise later. 

Working closer to home today which means walking to work and walking to the gym so my step count will sky rocket! Booked a couple of holidays today too which definitely cheered me up! 

Boxercise was more fun than I anticipated although hard work and a lot of burpees! Burpees with boxing gloves are much easier and less painful on your hands! Unfortunately as a newbie to boxing my punches didn’t come with much impact – I wasn’t so lucky with the punches I took!! Some of the class seemed to be expert boxers and I seriously thought my arm was going to be punched from it’s shoulder socket!!! 

Dinner was definitely worth waiting for – salmon and baked sweet potato. Scrumptious!!


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, two vanilla protein shakes, apricots, sugar snap peas. For dinner baked salmon, baked sweet potato, sour cream, spinach and string beans (586 calories)
  • Exercise – one hour boxercise class, 80 minutes walking
  • Step count – 17,506 steps

Day 6

I was pretty exhausted last night so I cancelled this morning’s step aerobics class for a wee lie in AND to watch the Lions on tour. Don’t want to be too lazy today though so popped to the gym for a swim and then went to my sister’s for tea. Demonstrating my new found sheer grit and determination I had a Marks and Spencer’s Be Good to Yourself chilli con carne whilst they all tucked into Dominos pizza – my weakness but at 200 calories a slice I had to resist! I also treated myself to a raspberry panna cotta from the same range but believe me it was not worth it. Panna cotta without proper cream just isn’t panna cotta!


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, two vanilla protein shakes, apricot. For dinner chilli con carne and sour cream (444 calories) and panna cotta (146 calories) (= 590 calories in total)
  • Exercise – 30 minutes swimming, 50 minutes walking
  • Step count – 11,741 steps

Day 7

Rob is due back today so I’ll get my cheerleading team back around me – things are so much easier when you have people around you supporting you and even going through it with you. Quick trip to the gym and a gorgeous roast lamb for tea – food seems to have more flavour at the moment as I guess I’m not filling myself with processed foods and sugars!


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, two vanilla protein shakes, a cherry. For dinner lamb, potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables (532 calories)
  • Exercise – 30 minutes spin cycle, 10 minutes step climber, 100 minutes walking
  • Step count – 11,0004 steps

Day 8

Today was easier as the end was in sight. The C9 is a lot about your mentality towards eating and exercise – if you don’t commit yourself to doing it properly there probably isn’t much point in doing it but as you tick off the days in your booklet mentally getting closer to the end makes you feel a bit lighter! Mondays are always a busy day at work so easy to get through with just a few snacks of cherries and sugar snap peas! Treated myself to tea at the gym as I was babysitting that evening so didn’t really have much time to cook. Just going to the gym feels easier today!


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, two vanilla protein shakes, cherries, sugar snap peas. For dinner cheese and mushroom omelette, flatbread and avocado salad (612 calories)
  • Exercise – 30 minutes cross trainer, 10 minutes cycling, 40 minutes walking
  • Step count – 15,451 steps

Day 9

Last day today! Which means weigh-in time. I tried not to get my hopes up as its not all about the numbers (but I will get to them later). For me no matter how the weigh-in went I would be happy! I had bucketloads more energy; I was enjoying going to the gym and all my classes plus had really started to enjoy tennis again; my clothes felt looser and some new purchases were a size 12 so my goal was met! My face has lost a bit of chubbiness; my arms felt more toned; my recovery after exercise had improved greatly – no more days of barely being able to walk after a step class! I was sleeping better; my skin was getting clearer with less spots! If that isn’t an amazing testimonial I don’t know what is! But I know you all want the scientific bit – I lost 3 kilos, nearly 3 inches off my waist and 4 and a half inches of my hips. 


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, one vanilla protein shake. For lunch falafel salad (246 calories) and for dinner pad Thai (whoops)
  • Exercise – none (whoops again!)
  • Step count – 9,807 steps

Post C9

Its been over a month now since I finished my C9 and I’m still feeling good. Ive been keeping up with the aloe vera juice each morning (although not every morning) and I’ve kept up my gym attendance – just not to the same extreme daily outings!! The main lessons I learnt where about everything in moderation – I’ve made a real effort to reduce the amount of caffeine I drink with only one coffee a day and drinking more decaf. Ive also found an amazing peppermint and liquorice tea which I’ll happily drink at work. I’m also trying to keep up my water intake although still need to work on this. I’m not really one for diets but this one seems to work for me by teaching me more about what I should be putting into my body and how I should be treating it. I am feeling much better about myself now which is a great start!

Have you ever done anything similar to the C9? Would you ever give it a go? I paid for the C9 myself so this is not a sponsored post but contact me if you want to try it and I can put you in touch with my supplier!



    • The Baking Backpacker
      August 24, 2017 / 6:29 pm

      Ive never really found one that worked for me before this one so would recommend it!

  1. November 7, 2018 / 12:00 pm

    I don’t personally really believe in diets and I certainly wouldn’t ever stick to one but if you’ve found something that works for you, then that’s great. And that meal looks really yummy too!

    • The Baking Backpacker
      November 7, 2018 / 12:19 pm

      Me neither to be honest – everything in moderation especially cake!!! But this was a good detox I think and gave me some determination to stick to the gym so I would Definately do it again in the future

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