Forever Living C9 – Part 1

I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog about my C9 but kept a few notes throughout the nine days in case I wanted to. It formed into the diary I decided I would share. The C9 is more than a diet as its not necessarily about the weight lose or dress size dropped but about the mental changes and behavioural changes that encourages. Don’t get me wrong I’m not giving up cake in any hurry but I am trying to amend my eating habits a little. If you want to know more about the C9 as I won’t go into much detail of the various supplements and the exact programme details check out the Forever Living website.

Day 1

I prepped everything I may need to survive day 1 last night and did the dreaded weigh in and measuring! I set myself realistic goals as the second time round I understand that the C9 is not just about the numbers. It’s about well being and allowing your body to rid itself of bad toxins and bad habits (of which I have many!!) I drink way too much coffee for one so as hard as I know it will be going without the benefits will be much better sleep and less fatigue. 

I had a minor wobble last night, especially as I’m doing it on my own this time around. I’m apprehensive about both my willpower and my resolution to go to the gym each day. I’ve booked lots of classes, all different to mix it up and relying on these two feet to get me everywhere I need to be. Being at work was easy enough as got plenty on to distract me. Watching everyone else eat was tough though, especially the food smells. I welcomed my lunchtime shake and doubted m ability to survive my Zumba class but I really enjoyed it. I also woke up at 0530 to get a run in before work! Not sure I could keep that up all week but so far so good! I’m so glad I discovered the peach ‘n’ bits aloe Vera juice as its so much more drinkable and doesn’t make me want to throw up!! You also have a list of free foods that you can snack on consisting of various fruits and vegetables – I’m now addicted to sugar snap peas and apricots!


  • Food intake – 480ml aloe vera juice, one vanilla protein shake, blueberries, sugar snap peas and cucumber
  • Exercise – couch to 5k run, hour long Zumba class, 50minutes walking
  • Step count – 23,076 steps

Day 2

I can’t believe how I felt that yesterday was tough as it was easy compared to today!! I woke up with an intense headache and limited energy. A bit achey from last night’s Zumba class but nevertheless up at 0530 to exercise. I did roughly half an hour of stretching as I was suffering from some shin pains so running outdoors not an option today. Good start to the day but think this may be a tough one especially without Rob encouraging me along. 

The caffeine withdrawal has hit me hard today. I feel like I need coffee and today feels like an extremely long day. Having done the C9 last year helps though because I know these headaches won’t last longer than 48 hours and I will feel tons better for it. Gets me through I think. I didn’t snack as much as I thought I would do. A few strawberries tasted great and gave me a little pick me up. Once again shake time couldn’t come sooner! 

It was pouring down with rain at the end of the day so I skipped the gym as I didn’t fancy walking home in the rain. Finishing work on time for a change was great but meant a lot of time at home and no evening meal to cook. Did a bit of light exercising with a YouTube Zumba class but after about 20 minutes was pretty exhausted. Best thing I could do was go to sleep. Had to take some paracetamol for the incredible headache but just wanted to sleep it off and wake up with the two worst days behind me.


  • Food intake – 480ml aloe vera juice, one vanilla protein shake, strawberries, cucumber, sugar snap peas
  • Exercise – 30 minute stretching session, 20 min Zumba at home.
  • Step count – 6,463 steps

Day 3

Today I finally get to eat ???? Having done all the shopping for the week on Sunday I already planned out my meals until Rob comes back on Saturday so all day I was focused on the tomato and basil courgetti pasta with turkey, spinach and Parmesan I would be tucking into later! Had to first get through the day at work this time having two shakes and only having to drink the aloe vera in the morning. 

Although today is an eating day I kinda forgot that I wouldn’t be eating until that evening and I booked myself into the 5:05pm step aerobics class at the gym. It was a different trainer and it was intense! I literally sweat out the 8 glasses of water I’d consumed that day and my clothes were drenched! Ironically I struggled to eat all my dinner and as you can see the portion size was huge yet all under 600 calories! I’m already starting to see changes in myself. I’ve got more energy although the persistent headache can get me down. I don’t miss snacking and have barely snacked today. The shakes taste like vanilla ice cream so feel ever so naughty and for the first time in ages I can finally wear my engagement ring again!!


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, two vanilla protein shakes, strawberries, apricots. For dinner turkey, spinach and Parmesan courgetti pasta in a tomato and basil source (435 calories)
  • Exercise – 1 hour step aerobics class, 40 minutes walking 
  • Step count – 17,396 steps

Day 4

I woke up feeling incredibly dehydrated which is random since I feel that my body is swimming in water! No headache today which is bliss and I felt getting up was so much easier. I feel brighter and miraculously have no major muscle aches from yesterday’s intense step class. My engagement ring is a little tighter this morning but I expected that overnight – still wearing it though cos I can! 

I have my tennis lesson today and a pre-lesson with some of the girls I met on the course. However the ridiculous trains and leaving work slightly later than planned meant I had to wait at the station for 50 minutes. I did try running for the train but with all the preparation required for the C9 and carrying my tennis kit on top of step class yesterday some stiffness was finally revealing itself!! 

I’m not entirely sure where all my energy is coming from managing a diet, exercise and being on my own at home so having to cook and clean! All this hard work is meaning I’m not sitting down for dinner until nearly 9pm!


  • Food intake – 120ml aloe vera juice, two vanilla protein shakes, blueberries. For dinner baked salmon, quinoa, spinach and fine beans (597 calories)
  • Exercise – 95 minutes walking, 1 hour 20 tennis lesson
  • Step count – 20,157 steps

For Day 5 onwards see next weeks post!



    • The Baking Backpacker
      August 21, 2017 / 8:07 pm

      Thank you ????

  1. August 22, 2017 / 7:13 pm

    This has been really interesting to read. I’ve been thinking about doing something similar myself to not only lose weight but try and break some bad eating habits like biscuits with every cup of tea! I can’t wait to see how the rest of your week goes and if you think it’s worth it. xx

    • The Baking Backpacker
      August 22, 2017 / 10:56 pm

      Glad you liked the post! Part 2 this weekend ????

  2. August 22, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    What a great post! I’m going to take some of these tips. I’m so proud of your early aerobics! I get you’re high on life ATM and feeling so motivated! Monica @

    • The Baking Backpacker
      August 23, 2017 / 7:13 am

      Thank you so much! Was hard work but exercise quickly became quite addictive and fun ????

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