“Don’t throw them – thats Battery!!!” Week 4 in GBBO Tent

It was a complete first for GBBO – Batter week. Which caused much discussion amongst GBBO enthusiasts – is batter baking???? Is it? Three fairly simply challenges that will truly separate this class of great British bakers into those who can and those that well, maybe shouldn’t bother!!
Three challenges, all which appear to be fundamentally simply – Yorkshire puds, pancakes and churros – what could go wrong right??? Ask the bakers!!

Signature Bake
24 Yorkshire puddings were the first on the agenda to focus mind over, yes you guessed it batter! And the single condition to bear in mind was all 24 needed to be identical!! Have you ever seen an identical Yorkshire pudd? The entire rise in this mixture is the egg and the more you add the more likely you will create a dense batter.

4 eggs? 5 eggs? 8 eggs? How many eggs do you need to make a good Yorkshire pudd!? How much flour? So many questions for such a simple challenge yes! And then you get to the filling – we saw Spanish tapas, Beef wellinggton, Mexican Chilli, Thai Tofu Panang, Aloe Gobi, – how far removed can you get from Yorkshire!! Jane brought it back to the dales with her  meat and two veg Yorkshires as did Selasis perfect Sunday roast of Pork crackling with apple cider sauce! The key was to get that mixture spot on – not too runny and not too thick! The next big question oil? dripping? The really key is making sure the oil/fat and the oven is hot enough to create instant rise in the batter once that mixture hits the tin. But how to control this puff whilst ensuring 24 evenly baked puds are created! What a task for those remaining bakers. And remember vital advice from sue – don’t throw them cos thats battery!!! Andrew did well on this challenge with good consistency, flavour and look as did Benjamin with her flavour combinations. Kate didn’t fare too well with her Christmas turkey dinner Yorkshires nor did Candice with her thin Yorkshires but beautiful flavours. Although Tom’s blinis were bottom of the list.

Technical Bake
12 identical patterned lace pancakes, that Paul recommended you practiced with the single practice that they were all allowed!! The next 12 had to be served. The recipe first appeared in 1615 The English Huswife as a recipe eaten by the rich during their dinners. A few chose to practice on parchment first; a few were wise and added sugar which helps the pancake get the nice colour required. To watch this was quite possibly one of the hardest tasks I’ve watched – such an easy task with such high expectations. Still, at least the pressure didn’t get to Selasi who still chose to toss his pancakes!!! Top of the pile were Benjamina, Candice and Jane. Bottom of the pile was Rav, Selasi and Kate.

Going into the second day Rav, Tom and Kate were all in trouble with Andrew and Benjamina going in in front.

Showstopper Bake
Three hours to make 36 sweet Churros, a popular Spanish street food. Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside – like an armadillo!!! There were some scrumptious sounding fillings with beer, matcha, coconut, anise and cumin being strong flavours added! Once again Selasi was first to finish and gave Kate a helping hand. A few people managed to redeem themselves but Benjamina was by far the top.
This weeks star bake was finally Benjamina and unfortunately this week saw the demise of Kate. Tom almost broke the rule that whoever won star baker during bread week always made finals week – almost with his blini style Yorkshires! Next week I think Andrew will finally get Star Baker and I think it may be Val or Rav who fails to impress with their pastry. I do love pastry week!!!


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