CCC – Belated Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Brighton and Hove CCC!!
My last but one CCC meeting in Brighton may have been a small gathering of cake lovers but I think it was successful!! I certainly enjoyed all the cakes on show that day and was keen to keep the momentum going so didn’t leave it too before arranging another meeting. The Brighton and Hove CCC has been run by the lovely Kay since April 2012 and I realised that we had never celebrated our first birthday. Thus a theme was born…..a belated birthday theme!
The bakers remit – Happy birthday Brighton and Hove members! Ok so it’s a tad late as our first meeting was April last year but better late than never! It’s a great theme so try making a spectacle of a birthday cake showing off all your decorating skills. Or as it’s your birthday too make your favourite cake to share with your fellow cake friends! The choice is really endless! Don’t forget the candle!
The venue was to be a celebratory venue to have a celebratory drink with friends. Unfortunately that didn’t work out so well! Not going to name and shame but I was let down by a venue who hadn’t really understood the idea of Clandestine Cake Club and ended up saying that they were unable to take our booking at 3pm on the day of the event due to their own kitchen serving desserts!! My reaction – SHEER PANIC!! Up until the night before I’d had six confirmed bookings but then at the last minute there were some extra cake lovers out there asking to come so 11 were expected bringing seven cakes! The cancelling venue kindly offered to ring around local bars to see if anyone else could accommodate us but no luck!
Northern Lights To The Rescue!
Until Northern Lights saved the (cake) day!! We had been there previously to fit in with our Cakes From Around the World themed event which had been great! They had been so accommodating and we sat upstairs which we pretty much had to ourselves. Its an old fisherman’s cottage in the heart of the Brighton South Lanes, just around the corner from the seafront and with its Scandavian heritage evident across the menu had been the perfect choice for our around the world theme! On the off chance they could help I rang them up, barely two hours before our event and was amazed, and eternally grateful, when they said they could! The event was saved and all those cakes werent baked to go to waste! Having said that i’m sure my colleagues would have happily tucked into my cake that id had to conceal in a lockable office away from their greedy mitts!
Me and my friend arrived a bit early for the event in the hope to grab a (savoury) bite to eat first! Would thoroughly recommend the Northern Lights for food if you get the chance – they specialise in Scandinavian dishes from open sandwiches to sauteed reindeer. Claire went for the meatball sandwich and I opted for the fried whitebait – both were amazing! Shouldn’t perhaps have eaten so much before commencing the cake eating (we never learn – ate curry last time!!) but was truly delicious food!

They also have over two dozen flavoured vodkas to choose from along with other Nordic favourites like Akvavit and Gin Long Drink and special shots you won’t find anywhere else in Brighton! Or to accompany cake their coffees are freshly ground, organic and fairtrade. I opted for a Swedish cider to accompany my cake!! Would thoroughly recommend a visit details of where to find it are hyperlinked here – Northern Lights Website

All adorned with candles to fully fit with the birthday theme we had six cakes to choose from, and lots of new members who I hope weren’t put off by the manic last minute alternative venue!
  • Jo and Claire – raspberry, coconut and white chocolate
  • Kay – white chocolate and raspberry cake
  • Zimmie – a chocolatey caterpillar cake
  • Taisie and Emily – pavlova cake
  • Cait and Beth – Lemon banana vegan cake
  • Gemma and Harriet – Blackberry cake

Brighton and Hove CCC Birthday Cakes!
Thanks to the Northern Lights for saving the birthday party! Hope everyone enjoyed – I must remember next time to take photos of all the bakers and not just cake!

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