CCC – American Independence Day

My Red Velvet Cake
This was my first time organising a clandestine cake club event and ill be honest that I had absolutely no idea how much work was Involved!! Hats off to all you CCC organisers!! So I started with a date of 7th July which in itself created the theme – just three days after American Independence Day. It seemed apt that as our cake partners across the Atlantic celebrated their independence on the Fourth of July with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games and family reunions we would join them and celebrate with cake!!! Not that we need an excuse!
The list of cakes available with this theme was endless and as people started booking their places we started racking up a list of American favs such as red velvet cake, Brooklyn blackout cake and Mississippi mud pie whilst a few took ideas from other American foods such as pumpkin pie to bring their own twist with a pumpkin roulade!
The venue was set as typically British Alfresco setting (aka Brighton Beach) and invites sent out to meet by the Brighton Wheel at 1pm. My fingers were crossed for good weather and the weatherman advised it would be sunny and he did not disappoint!!
It was a small group of cake bakers who set up their picnic on Brighton Beach with what seemed to be the rest of Brighton! And the cakes were amazing!!!
A slice of Red Velvet Cake
I was really happy with my Red Velvet Cake especially the colour it came out – its one of my baking challenge recipes so ill upload a blog just about my cake later.
Some of the Cakes – Gorgeous!
Funfetti Cake – Russell
Chocolate Cake –  Kate
Red Velvet Cake – Me
Angel Cake – Sylvia (and she brought along her daughter who made a Pinata Cake)
Pumpkin Roulade – Joanna
And (hopefully) a good time was had by all!!
Everybody Smile!

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