Brighton and Hove Clandestine Cake Club – Guilt Free Cakes!!

Russell, Helen, Lynn, Sue and Slyvia Enjoying their “Guilt Free” Cakes

Not words you would associate together – guilt free and cake in the same sentence!! Well at the March Brighton and Hove Clandestine Cake Club this was exactly the remit!

Our venue was very unique and very Brighton! The only place you’ll find all the fresh, delicious foods and drinks you enjoy… but with all the rubbish such as saturated fat that your body doesn’t like… taken out. I had heard that the hot chocolate was amazing and it really was!!!

Our venue was LoveFit Cafe in Queens Road, just along from the train station. In fact many of us had walked passed it before and not taken notice but I think several of us would be heading back. Despite selling their own cakes they welcomed us into the store and offered plates etc, although this was my third event I had organised so I’m now fully prepared with a selection of multi coloured plastic plates and cake forks!! They have two locations in Brighton, one at 1140 Queens Road and the other at 14 Brighton Square. 

And now to the important stuff – the cake! We had two lovely polenta, blueberry and lemon cakes from yours truly and Sylvia. Both completely different but the same ingredients! Russell had made a chocolate and beetroot cake. Sue had made a parsnip, maple syrup and apple cake (which I need to get the recipe for!!). Lynn made a blueberry yoghurt cake and Helen made a potato cake. To be honest I want all the recipes!!

Our Cake Club is based in Brighton and Hove but there are tons of other locations out there if you want to join one near you – even internationally in Melbourne Australia, or the Cayman Islands or the USA! Join a Clandestine Cake Club and come and eat cake with us!!

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