Batgirl Birthday Cake

The pressure is always high to produce a better birthday cake than the year before. As the nieces get older the detail and description of the cake needs to be tends to be more extreme! 

I find the best thing to do is plant an idea for a cake in their mind and then let them tell you it was all their idea!! I tagged my sister on a Facebook link to the The Icing Artist’s video of the Batman Lego Cake. Fortunately my niece’s birthday wishes centred on the new DC superhero girl toys so a Batgirl Lego Cake was born.

I followed the Icing Artist’s design to the tee but used my trusty Victoria Sponge recipe, with a shed load of black food colouring!! I used a 12 inch by 8 inch traybake tin (225g caster sugar / 200g Unsalted butter / 4 Eggs / 200g Self Raising Flour / 75g cocoa powder) for the Batgirl logo and then the same again with yellow food (minus the cocoa – substitute with more flour) colouring for the main cake. I did try the trick with freezing the black cake to make it easier to cut out the shapes but unfortunately my cake rose too much and my cutter wasn’t big enough. Next time I think I would make 3/4 of the recipe with less baking powder for a thinner cake. 

My buttercream technique is really not up to that of the Icing Artist, so instead I covered my cake in fondant so I could easily control the finish. I had to trim the sides on this cake due to the slanted sides of a loaf tin which meant more crumbs everywhere! I used the fondant to cut out small circles for the top of the lego brick which I think gave it a really polished look.

The decoration on top was down to my niece, and her new Batgirl lego figure took pride of price on top but also peeking around from the side of the cake!

However, the big reveal is what makes this cake special and until the cake is sliced you have no way of knowing if its worked or not!!! Luckily on this occasion the black batgirl emblem was clear for all to see! Now I’ve done one hidden cake I’m dying to try more! With endless choices of centres!!!



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