Bakewell and Beyond – Pastry Tackled!

So one of my main things to accomplish in my quest to apply for the Great British Bake Off was pastry! I’ve quite often gone down the shop bought route but feel like I’m cheating when I do! After all it always looks simple when celebrity chefs whip up some pastry on the tv! My boyfriend has always asked me to make him a Bakewell tart and so it was a no-brainer for one of my challenges 

And why make a big Bakewell tart when mini ones are so much cuter! And you can eat more of them as they are so small!!!

I took a recipe off the Great British Bake Off to make these bakewells but I tried a few different flavour jams to compliment the frangipane filling. You can pretty much use whatever filling takes your fancy as long as it compliments the almond – I’ve made them with raspberry jam, fig jam and a super berry jam of blueberries and blackcurrant. All delicious! Next on my list is to try it with Nutella as I think that combination will almost certainly work well 🙂

First you have to make the pastry!

Then you have to make the frangipane and add to cut out pastry cases and jam of choice!

Then eat once baked!!!

If you want to try recreating these I adapted Jason White’s recipe from Great British Bake Off Season 2 for Mini Blueberry Bakewell Tarts. Although I doubled the amount of ingredients for the frangipane as I love it so much!


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