Back for Bake Off!!!

So its been a while right!! My last blog posts were this time last year when the Great British Bake Off was gracing our screens! So what better point in the year to reinvigorate the blog and try to keep writing!
Also an excuse to show off my pride and joy – a weekend of sorting, organising and recording the contents of my baking cupboard. The end result was a true sight to behold!

An Organised Baking Cupboard

I’d also recommend some of these new Apps available to help categorise your ingredients. I’m currently using iPantry on the iPhone which lets you set up pantries for all your food, edit how much you have in the cupboard, expiry dates and enables you to create shopping lists when you use up ingredients. Also helps to tell you when ingredients are about to expire so you can use them quickly!

So watch this space – hopefully lots more posts to come!

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