A Cake for the Golfer in Your Life!

This is a pretty straight forward cake to make if I’m honest, yet looks really effective and takes next to no time I promise!! For the golf lover in your life this is the perfect birthday cake. You can use any cake recipe to make the base. I prefer to use the trustworthy Victoria sponge, baked in two 8 inch square tins, and then sandwiched together with your buttercream of choice. I opted for a good old favourite – chocolate fudge icing!! I even decided not to worry about levelling the cakes off precisely as the golf green is never straight and the slight curves made it more realistic! 

Once sandwiched together I prepared the green fondant so that it was soft and pliable before rolling it out into a roughly square shape. I dirty iced the entire cake before dropping the green square on the top and smoothed this down with my smoother. I didn’t worry about it going all down the sides as this would be covered with the chocolate fingers. 

I then added extra fudge buttercream to the sides to affix the chocolate fingers on. An 8 inch cake requires 3 entire packets of chocolate fingers, only if there are none broken and you aren’t preparing the cake with someone who adds one to the cake followed by one for them!! I sometimes add a ribbon around the entire cake as this makes sure the chocolate fingers remain in place but for this one I didn’t. 
To add extra decor to the top of the cake I used a balling tool to make a slight indentation into the cake and filled it with a combination of golden caster sugar, demerara sugar and light muscovado sugar to represent the sandpit. I also used a plastic cake pop holder to represent the flag. I pipped the happy birthday message using leftover buttercream with a very small nozzle having indented using my stencils first! Time allowing I would have made a small golfer but had to make do with some 3D designs but shows that you can really put anything on the cake and make it work!
Would love to see any pics of your golfing cakes!

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