A Butterfly Birthday Cake!

Cake remit – a beautiful butterfly cake for a little girl turning 4! It needed to be a chocolate cake, decorated in pinks and lilacs with the birthday girls name adjourning the cake. Having googled butterfly cakes I found a website with a genius design to capture the symmetrical shape of a butterfly’s wings with very little waste! Simply cut a circle cake in half and turn round the other way. Cut small indents into the straight side to show the indentation in each wing and there you have it! A butterfly!

I made two nine inch Devils Food cakes to make this particular cake.
I sandwiched the cakes together with a layer of vanilla buttercream and a layer of Nutella, for more chocolatey-ness! And utilised the cut out bits to improvise a butterfly head.
The next step is to dirty ice the cake with a thin layer of buttercream – depending on the type of cake used you may need to do two layers of crumb coating to give you a smooth finish and help apply the fondant easier.
I used the regalice shell pink and coloured some ivory sugarpaste with grape violet, just a small bit to create a lilac shade. I created a marble effect by combining these two shades of pink and lilac. I then rolled this out to half a centimetre in thickness before applying another coat of the buttercream and then the marbled sugarpaste.
Then comes the long part of the cake making process…..the decoration. Having hand piped the shape of the butterfly I used mini long nose pliers to individually add each individual white shimmer pearl. I then used jelly diamonds to add a pattern to the wings and piped Lucy’s name down the body of the butterfly. To finish off a spray with my ever dependable Pearl PME edible lustre spray for all over glitter.

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